Who is Sepp?

I was born 1989 in Italy and spent my youth in Switzerland. I have a rock-solid 2.5 Liter Diesel engine and 4-wheel-drive including a rear diff. As a teeny I was quite lazy and only chilling in the front yard. That is why I have only run 65.000km.

I do not want to share my weight, but lets say, I need a special driving license in Europe in order to be driven... ;)

My Clou 470 body was built by Niesmann&Bischoff in Germany.


If you want to know more about my "inner" qualities, go check out the preparation part of the travel diary! There you will see all things that were modified to get me ready for the big trip.

Why am I called Señor Sepp?

I got my name from an old German TV Show called "Familienduell". The candidate is asked after a typical Spanish male given name. The answer is "Sepp". (You can find the video below; please go to minute 2:48)


I will mainly be driven through Spanish speaking countries and my drivers are Bavarians, they named me "Sepp".


"Señor" and not "Señora" is given to me, since I am quite heavily built with a dominant and loud appearance.