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    Hi Tim,
    I´ll send you many greetings from Schweinfurt, Bavaria. I read your report of your great jorney. It is so fantastic, what you and your girlfriend do. You made so great pictures and you both are very courageous to do that.
    Have a lot of fun and very good impressions for your life, be careful.
    Perhaps we'll see us by Stefan in Bremen anywhere.
    Many, many greetings to you both.

    Yours Martina (mother of STefan)

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    Wherearedaniandmatt (Donnerstag, 12 April 2018 02:57)

    Hello fellow Overlanders! We saw your website on your van at the port! Great to see fellow Overlanders at the port! Hopefully our vehicles all arrive safely! Safe travels for the rest of your trip! We may bump in to you again on the South America sector! Dani & Matt (the Landcruiser Australians - and @wherearedaniandmatt instagram)

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    Deine alten Kollegen (Mittwoch, 09 August 2017 13:05)

    Moin Tim,

    deine lieben Kollegen aus der BMH wünschen dir alles Gute zum Geburtstag und noch eine geile Reise durch Kanada. Wir denken bei harter, schweißtreibender Arbeit an dich und Sepp!
    Viele Grüße von Ulli, Falk, Cedric, Felix und Moritz

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    Your drivers (Montag, 17 April 2017 18:24)

    Hi Sepp!

    Great homepage! We are so happy to have the opportunity to go on the big tour with you. Thank you for choosing us to be your drivers! We promise to treat you well, feed and pamper you and make sure you get some rest on nice lookouts.

    Happy overlanding!