I am still rumbling in the Caribbean Vibe I feel driving through Belize. With the wonderful coast and the amazing jungle so close together we could explore a lot in only a few days.
Because of the daily heavy rainfalls my off-road-features where challenged in the muddy jungle roads where I needed to do a lot of climbing and sliding. It felt really great to have some adventures again!
On our paths we saw a lot of amazing wildlife. Scarlet macaws, Keel-Billed Tucans (Belize's national bird and the Fruit-Loops guy), howler monkeys and much more.
A really exciting trip was the one to the impressive Maya ruins of Caracol. Usually you go there escorted by a military escort because there had been some robberies on visitors a few years ago. But due to heavy rainfalls the military cars didn't go that day and the whole area is said to be safe at the moment. So we drove on our own and it went just fine.
Although they had promised otherwise my drivers went diving one day. I was totally fine with it since they parked me at a great beachfront spot in Hopkins where you move your tires in the rhythm of the local Garifunas. They came back showing me pics of nurse sharks they had played with. I am still a bit worried about them diving with sharks but they assured me it's fine.
Allright guys, I am heading into Guatemala!!!