Hyder, Alaska - kind of...

I spent the last 2 nights in Hyder. Hyder is a US-Enclave in the southern part of Alaska. It is only reachable by a Canadian road and has a population of around 50 people (they call themselves "the happiest ghosttown"). Why did I spend there so much time? Because it's a great place to see bears and you can reach the Salmon Glacier (which again is on the Canadian side, but only reachable through the US road). So I spent a lot of time watching grizzly and black bears hunting salmon. During the night I parked at the glacier. I stood right in front of it and enjoyed a glorious sunset. But I think the pictures speak for themselves... ;)

Now I am heading to whitehorse. Happy days...

Banff & Jasper

The last two days I spent in Banff and Jasper N.P. in Alberta. It is a fantastic area. The Icefield Parkway is unbelievable pretty. I only spent two days there since I will come back again on my way southwards. So this time I chose to visit only some attractions.

Below you can see some pictures. The first two are sunrise and morning hours of Morraine Lake. The best experience was when I found these 3 moose at Moose Lake. I was totally alone (really rare in Banff&Jasper) in the sunset hours and the moose were totally relaxed with me taking pictures. Great experience!


Now I am heading to the rough & lonely north. Still 3500km to Anchorage! I will only have limited web access during this time, but as soon as I do I will post more pictures.

Finally, the Rockies have me... :)

I've finally arrived in the Rocky Mountains. After endless mutiple day driving through prairie badlands in Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and East-Alberta I arrived in Waterton Lakes National Park at the border to the USA. I managed to get a campsite for 2 days and hence could do some trekking. I even saw a black bear with its cubs on the roadside. Unfortunately I didn't get my camera out fast enough to take a picture. But I saw it, really ;-)

I am now in Calgary and will go to Banff and Jasper next. I am so excited! 

But before I need to get my engine oil changed. I already drove 6300km since Halifax and need some detox.

Bye for now! I need to keep going. Still 4000km to Anchorage!!! I keep you updated. I am really enjoying myself here in this huge country.

1st week in Canada

Wow, first week here in Canada! I can tell you, it feels like it's already been ages. I have already driven over 3200km. So I am a bit exhausted but here is a short update with some pictures:

As you can imagine, my days consist of running, drinking (a lot), and resting on campgrounds. However I still managed to visit some very nice places. Hopewell Rocks has the highest tide difference in the world and in Québec I stopped right in front of the world famous "Château Frontenac". In Montréal I visited friends who showed me around downtown and the harbour. Of course I couldn't miss the Niagara Falls despites the 700km detour. I parked 500m away from the falls for free the entire night. The sunrise however was missing the sun... :(

Now I am already close to Sault Ste. Marie and spending the night close to the largest lake in the world: Lake Superior.

Okay guys, I need a rest. Have a good night and I keep you posted.

American Continent

That's life
That's life

I am finally on the American continent! It is great here. The pick-up was easy and done within an hour. Now I have Diesel, Gas, Food, Beer and everything else I need. I even drove 250km to this awesome campground right next to the sea. However the weather is freezing...

Have a good night everyone!