Costa Rica - "Pura vida" is so not just a slogan

Costa Ricans, the Ticos, say "Pura Vida" in many different situations and it's always true as you're always surrounded by fantastic nature, amazing wildlife and a really relaxed atmosphere.
We slept on the beaches again and were woken up by scarlet macaws and cappuchin monkeys. After all the heat in Central America we really enjoyed a few wonderfully breezy nights up in the mountains and at the volcano Irazu.
And sometimes you just cross a bridge and spot loads and loads of crocodiles...
One of our highlights was the Rio Celeste. The locals say when god painted the sky he cleaned his brushes in this river. What a nice saying, isn't it? The more as you can really believe it's true when you see the amazing colours.
A highlight for my diver-drivers also seemed to be the dive-sites around the Parque Nacional Corcovado. I needed all my skills to get us there. Six river crossings and roads so steep I had to switch on my low-gear-special-features. As a reward they gave me a beach-front-parking-space where I could watch the scarlet macaws in the palm trees above me all-day-long. I really enjoyed this nice break after that exhausting drive so I was fine with my drivers switching to a boat for a couple of days.
We are really sad to leave Costa Rica behind us but we have only two weeks left until I start my big boat journey to South America.

Bird bird bird - bird is the word

Before arriving in Central America and especially in Costa Rica we wouldn't have described us as "bird-persons /-car". But we were simply overwhelmed by the variety and extraordinary beauty of the birds we saw on our way.
We've already posted a few pics but after having been to Costa Rica we think it's worth it to run a "special edition". We were lucky enough to see the full range from the 5cm small fiery-throated hummingbird over the splendid quetzal to the 85cm big scarlet-macaw.
On two occasions we parked at a beach and were woken up by the typical sound of scarlet macaws. We were even lucky enough to observe them for hours as they seemed to like the palm tree I was parked next to. I know it sounds too good to be true. But that's the way it is in the paradise of "Pura Vida Costa Rica".
The toucans (you've already seen pics of the frootloops-guy, but we saw two other types) sat randomly on trees along the streets. I tried not to cause too many traffic jams but I could not just go on either ;-)
The hummingbirds hummed around nicely coloured flowers as if they were even posing for the pics.
Which one is your favorite?? Looking forward to your comments...