In Ecuador we had a few first times. 

First time staying on high altitudes. At Volcano Cotopaxi Nationalpark we could drive up to over 4.000m.

First time spotting alpacas and buying stuff made of alpaca wool.

First time food poisoning. It hit one of my drivers so badly he had to be hospitalized. To recover they spent a few days in Quito in a nice hotel. I was pretty glad I didn't have to deal with all that sh... ;-)

In total we really loved Ecuador. The nature is mega diverse. You can go from the Amazon via the Andes to the sea in a blink of an eye. We found so many nice places to wildcamp and watched the most beautiful sunsets.

One day we did the heaviest off-roading since we've started the trip. It was so muddy and a few times I had to hold on tightly to prevent me from falling over. In the end I needed some help from friends ;-)

Thank you Ecuadorians for the warm welcome in your beautiful country! We will come back as soon as we can afford Galapagos...

Ecuador - Cuyabeno Nationalpark

This time I can only upload the pics. I couldn't drive into the rainforest for reasons you might imagine. Especially in rainy season the main means of transport are canoes.
My drivers came back with sparkling eyes. They told me about the black water of the Cuyabeno river which leads into the Amazon. They stayed at a lodge deep in the jungle and enjoyed being surrounded by all the noises and wildlife and having this feeling of a pure nature experience.
When "Team Sepp" reunited again, I guess they nevertheless were grateful that there's no tarantula under my mattress.