Finally on a cruise ship and some relaxation... :)

I just arrived in Liverpool and have - finally - the time and internet to write you an update:

The last weeks have been very turbulent for me. I needed to finish the last modifications and repairs, store all necessary (spare) parts and get cleaned up for my big cruise to Halifax. Especially our trip to the mud had left traces and so it took a few days to get properly clean to be allowed to go on board.

Entering Hamburg Harbour last week was very exciting. Beside me were some other mobile homes, also on their cruise for the Panamerican-Highway. It always feels good to have some fellas. I did have a short time of stress when the freight forwarder told me that he did not have any information about me and my cruise. However, this was solved after one phone call with our agency and went smooth from there on.

Below you see some photos of me entering the harbour. Last Saturday I entered the ship and now I am on my way via Antwerp and Liverpool to Halifax. It's my first time on a ship and at the beginning I was a bit nervous. But I didn't get seasick and now I am really enjoying it. America, brace yourself, here I come!!

Farewell Party & New Tattoos

After partying hard yesterday, I woke up with new tattoos this morning. Thank god they are not misspelled...

Thanks again everybody for the nice farewell party. I will miss all of you!

Rejuvenating the rear suspension @Henning Autofedern in Hannover

This week I drove to Hannover to get my rear suspension fixed. The spring leafs often create problems when driving long distances over bad roads. Since I am planning to do that for around 50.000 km, I decided to get them fixed with Henning Autofedern. They have over 100 years of experience and are specialized to fix and maintain springs leafs for trucks and motorhomes.

This was the right decision. After a good check and some discussion, we decided to not increase the number of layers (since the rear springs are anyway quite hard and have already been reinforced) but to do a much needed maintenance for the springs. This will hopefully lead to better driving comfort and more importantly will decrease the propability of the springs to break during the trip.

With the pictures and the subtitles you can see the rust from 28 years and how smooth the springs look afterwards. On the way home, I could already feel the increase in comfort with a very smooth ride. One more thing of the list of preparation works before the big trip.

If you want to read about more preparations done before the trip, just klick here.

Mayweekend in North Germany & South Denmark

This weekend I was playing by the sea. We drove to St. Peter-Ording, Glücksburg and Romo in Denmark and I was always allowed to dig in the sand and sleep with seaview.

My already big ego got another boost when a Mercedes GLS AMG got stuck in the sand and I was able to pull him out without problems. Better call Sepp!

(If you want to see the video, please click here:

Easter Weekend 2017 - Play in the mud

This Easter weekend my dream came true: I drove to the Offroad Mammut Park in Stadtoldendorf (near Hannover). After such a long lazy time, I couldn't wait to test my strenght and abilities again. And it was so much fun digging into the mud with my new 4x4 friends.

The other guys were at first laughing at me, being an alkoven caravan driven through the muddy Mammut Park. But I showed them, what an Iveco 40-10 RV can do.

On the campground in the evening, everbody knew me, and wanted to see me up close.





After being the weirdo on the 4x4 mud vehicle campground, the following evening I was the weirdo again at the German "Spießerparadies".

9.4.2017: Spa-day in Alveslohe, Germany

Today I got a good cleaning inside & outside. I really needed a good scrub after all these years chilling in Switzerland. Thanks again Ulli for the High-Pressure-Cleaner, the water, and the electricity.

Now is my time to shine... :)