Yucatan Peninsula & Hasta luego México

I spent my last week in Mexico giving my drivers rides from dive site to dive site. But I agreed to upload the pics as they saw bullsharks, eagle rays, turtles, most amazing coral formations and the wonders of diving in a cenote where fresh and salty water merge into a halocline and light pours into the water through impressive rock formations.


Now it's time to say hasta luego, México! Although I had a few mechanical issues and cursed the roads full of speed bumps more than once, I had the most amazing time in this great country. We are grateful for lifetime memories and more than one funny or exciting story.


My drivers promised me some offroad-adventures and spectacular scenic-roads in Belize. I am really itching to go there now and made them promise me to focus on roadtripping instead of leaving me alone at some parking lot. I belize we're going to have a great time!!!

Mexico Mainland II - Butterflies, Vulcanos, Mayas and so much more to see

I arrived at the Yucatan Peninsula and am still overwhelmed by the variety and amount of great things I have seen. There would even have been so much more to visit but time is running by so quickly.


I climbed up to 3200 metres to see the Monarch Butterflies. They fly from Canada to Mexico to escape the winter. A bit like us but less comfortably I guess. After that we went to the picturesque towns of Morelia and Pátzcuaro where we joined the celebrations around the holiday of the Virgen the Guadalupe. We spent a day at the Paracutín Volcano and slept next to the ruins of a church completely flooded by lava after my drivers had assured me that this wouldn't happen to us.


After so much sightseeing we went back to the beach again, slept under palm trees every night and drove along the coastline which reminded us at some points of Highway 1.


Reaching Palenque with its ancient and very impressive Maya Ruins I was in the jungle for the first time. I heard howler monkeys, cut through dense vegetation and was surprised by the humidity. But what can I say, I like it and am really looking forward to the next chapters in the Jungle Book.

I keep telling my drivers that I am not a tree nor a tuk-tuk!!! When the first person thinks I am a brothel I will throw the whole stuff and my drivers out!!!

Mexico mainland - que tierra más preciosa! - Matzatlán to Huasteca Potosina

Leaving the Baja I was on a ferry again which I always like. This time I enjoyed it the more for my Italian brother "Muggel" whom I first met in Hyder Alaska and his drivers - the offroad travellers - joined us. We explored the first adventures at the mainland together. We had a blast in San Blas where we spent the night under palm trees and surrounded by loads of sandflies which made our drivers dance and clap their hands. The next days something else made our drivers dance and clap their hands. We spent the weekend in a town named Tequila. They told me not to tell anything but, pssst, it was the first time I saw them dancing salsa. In Guadalajara, a really colorful and vibrant city, we had the pleasure to meet Melli.


We spent a week to get me taken care of. You have already seen my new shoes and after being inspected in Querétaro I feel turbo charged again.


After that my drivers wanted to have some Spa treatment themselves so we drove to Huasteca Potosina. On our way we stopped at Bernal where you find the world's third biggest monolith. In Huasteca Potosina you find clear green water in natural pools, waterfalls, hot springs and caves. They just loved it. I still don't swim. But after getting so much attention the week before it was okay. And at least their swimming guaranteed they bathed everyday.

Beach, off-road, beach


We initially wanted to spend around two weeks at the Baja California but we prolonged our stay because there were so many beautiful beaches. We just didn't want to leave.




The Baja is a real paradise for off-road-playing. The Baja1000 rallye has just finished and I even drove a part of the route, although for sure slower than the rallye cars. Lots of beautiful beaches are only accessible by washboard, sandy and bumpy dirtroads and sometimes I am really challenged and need all my skills. But the spectacular places you are rewarded with are totally worth it. Most of the time it is just us, chrystal blue water and the burning sun.




One night I could barely sleep because of the sea lions who were staying next to us.




My drivers did a lot of snorkeling and diving. As you might already have realized I don't appreciate it when they leave me behind on some parking lot. But this time it was okay because I relaxed on the beach and I am afraid of water. Given my weight and my delicate engines I usually just tip my toes into water. Nevertheless I was a bit disappointed that I didn't see the whalesharks, bullsharks and sea lions they got so excited about. The sea lions even bit them in the fins and knees. I would say thank god it weren't the bullsharks.




Twice we got quite stressed but in the end everything worked out and we were grateful for the really nice and helpful local people. Once I got stuck at the beach in the middle of nowhere and one of my drivers needed to walk to the next house a few kilometers away to ask for help. They took their pick-up and went with my driver to find a vehicle big and heavy enough to pull me. Imagine, the only thing bigger than me in the area was an excavator. And even this huge fella needed to level a sand track with its big shovel in order to move me. The other unnerving situation was when I stepped into a nail and had a flat tire at a narrow village road. It was tickling like hell, everyone was sweating in the siesta heat and I was the center of attention. But the local tire shop sent someone who fixed my tire quickly and expertly.




This week we finally have to say goodbye to this amazing place on earth for other adventures at the mainland are awaiting us.




Hasta pronto!