Oh wie schön ist Panama @Janosch

Panama was a lot about getting me ready for my big adventure. I am already used to be shipped, even between continents (Hamburg-Halifax). But the journey between Colon and Cartagena around the Darien Gap required quite an effort on preparation and paperwork. Thankfully our agent helped a lot and my shipping partner, a GMC van from Washington, was a cool dude. So in the end everything worked out well. Although the night before I had to go to the port in Colon I was so tense that a string in my clutch snapped. Thankfully we got it fixed superquickly so I made it to the port on time. There I met a lot of other cars being on similar adventures to chat with. This was good for we had to wait a few days for the ship which arrived too late from Cuba.

The days before we had been to Boquete for the Easter weekend. This was pretty chill and chilly. We really enjoyed the surroundings of Volcano Baru and the Sendero de los Quetzales. One day we were even able to see the two great oceans at the same time. Arriving at Panama City was also really cool. The Panama canal is very impressive and we enjoyed spending a few nights right at the shore and watching the ships passing by. Although having lived in Hamburg takes away a bit of the thrill. In Gamboa and the Soberania National Park we enjoyed a lot of birdwatching again, even saw an anteater and had the inspiring encounter with a pastor who told us so much about the area and his experiences in Panama during the last decades. Imagine, he had been visiting prisoners in the infamous "Carcel Modelo" through the dictatorship.

Somehow we got distracted by the shipping process so we actually forgot to take nice pics. Sorry viewers, this time it's more for the readers ;-)